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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

next Bards In The Woods session
Sunday afternoon, 19th March, today!

Deerpark, Co. Sligo 

east of Sligo Town, near Calry village, beyond Calry church
find location/directions through our Google Map link below ... 
2:00 pm meet up at the main car park

- nature walk about 3k
- bardic session by the court cairn, and some picnic,
- bring your own and favourite poems and stories to share
- shared picnic,, always fun, and a favourite of the afternoon  :-)
- NO Cover charge but bring something for picnic table please
- Also please help out by subscribing as a Patron on our Patreon

Patreon membership is $1 a month converted from €,£, etc. Your membership is a huge help to cover Bards In The Woods expenses, many thanks.

Current forecast - morning showers stopped, dry, cloudy,, 10C

text/phone - 086 208 2873 for extra info
facebook message - http://m.me/woodlandbard

Please enjoy this short video clip introducing scenes of Deerpark Forest

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Here is a Google Map to get here

Its best to click to see the larger map, or zoom out one click

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