Many Curiosities Around Glenfarne Woods

My first time at Glenfarne Wood beside the peaceful Lough Macnean that divides counties Leitrim and Cavan from the Northern county of Fermanagh.

The first delight I spot is this wonderful symbol of Forest Bathing, this alluring, peaceful and maturing seat in a very pretty location. 

Tony Cuckson is here and looking like he is being attacked by a stone that wants to eat him.

Bee Smith shares one of her poems at a favourite poetry spot, by a Beehive, of course. This spot is actually known as Ladies Rest. 

Bee and Tina Rock now look as if they are plotting something here.

Tony sings us a song here ...

We shared more poems at this sculpture. To me it looks Pict Stone inspored, but a bit more formal.

Triskele Stone in the woods ...

Some Hazel trees are very tall here ...

Some Rowan in blossom here.

Ripples behind a young Rowan tree

I think Tina called this rock a 'fossilized dolphin'.

Reeds and ripples this time, hard to capture on camera.

Did Tony Cuckson leave behind his other hat last time?

The Badger's Well, I was very happy to capture this well in this light.

A cross being quiet?

Now, a Spirited Cross

Nic pic of happy spirited Bee and Tony :-) 

After the others had gone home there was much more I wanted to explore here. The first stop was the Myles Big Stone ...

Hmm, this is an entrance to something ... I will explore

and here is the Myles Big Stone

I can see a Fairy Ring in the distance from here ...

Within old maps, there is a large oval shaped stone circle here in these woods named, Lissheelanyreilly, so I went to investigate. It was getting dark now so my pics are not great ...

Back out of the woods, I took a few more pics of Lough Macneen before losing all light ...

and home I drove, over an hour away, delighted to have experienced a new forest, lots of peace, and adventures to stir wonder here. Always worth a visit to Glenfarne, I feel :-) 


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