Bards In The Woods thru Tree Week

Ireland's National Tree Week 2013 is almost upon us.

Féile na gCrainn
A Feast Of Trees

... and so far we only have
two Bards In The Woods
events listed in the
Tree Week Events Calendar

The Sunday dates are
3rd March and 10th March

Can we get more events listed in more counties 
in this National Tree Week Calendar?

This is simply some friends and family going to the woods somewhere
and listing this, Bards In The Woods, in the Tree Week Calendar.

Where are the "Save Ireland's Forests" voices 
I have heard and read through this winter ???

Do please now gather together now the Spring is well upon us.
Make a presence within the woods, as from there we can act to protect our Public Access.

This needs more people in more woods in more counties
... especially through this National Tree Week, please ....

Click to get listed here

National Tree Week is an annual festival celebrating trees in our lives and environment.  It is organised by the Tree Council of Ireland and takes place this year from 3-10 March 2013.

The theme for 2013 is ‘A Feast of Trees'.

This theme is calling upon us to recognize and celebrate the role of trees in providing food for humans, birds, bees and other wildlife.  This is about fruit, nuts, seeds, oils, leaves, roots and bark, and the relationship between trees, bees, pollination, and food crop production.

The primary aim of National Tree Week is to encourage people to plant more trees and 2013 is about planting trees that provide a food source for humans, birds, bees and other wildlife.

There will be thousands of trees planted this week,
15,000 given away from Coillte alone,
but we will not be doing this within Bards In The Woods Gatherings,
but it is wise to consider where you can plant trees
with this year's Feast Of Trees theme in mind.

You can plant your own trees, or join one or two of the
tree planting Events in the Tree Week Calendar.

Embrace The Trees That Feed And Heal

I would like to recommend that our Bards In The Woods does focus strongly on this National Tree Week Theme.

See what poems and stories you have written, will write,
or can read from other people's writings, or from memory
that are about the nutrition and healing that come from
parts of the tree, its seeds, fruit, blossoms, leaves, twigs, bark and roots.

Share them in the woods with others.

Share tree identification, as its amazing what we learn together.
Share a picnic, bring along anything to share with others.
Lets talk and share ideas of how to protect the woods,
how to protect public access, and encourage more people to do the same.

The Two Gatherings Listed For Tree Week So Far Are...

3rd March Lough Key Park, Co. Roscommon  - click here for Event Page

10th March Massy's Wood, Co. Dublin - click here for Event Page

Please support us, and lets have more gatherings listed here.

click here to be listed with Tree Week
I would like to see at least 20 Bards In The Woods Events through Tree Week.

click here to let me know you are arranging a gathering

Do you really support Ireland's Public Access woodland?

Please join us and show you really do


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