Where Has Tree Week Gone?

This week Irish newspapers have been full of IMF, Aer Lingus trading, murders, rapes, assaults and lots about what is happening in other countries

... but barely anything about Ireland's National Tree week going on now.

Even President Higgins, Patron of Crann, supposedly dedicated to releafing Ireland, has been absent  - and so has Crann too. Where are they?

Is the media really sharing what the people are eager to know about
to enhance their day to day lives?

Or is this a conspiracy to distract the public from forests
to make it much easier to sell them without outcry?

Why does Ireland's caring for forests barely stretch from pretty pictures and videos, that can only serve our visual and audio senses but never our smell, taste and touch that are all essential to regenerate us?

Why do people donate to overseas forest campaigns instead of their own home community forests - where their money, donated overseas, is more likely to fund a golfing party hosted by the administrators?

Please consider time and your own well being in the forests.

The calming and well being cannot be matched, if you allow this.
Many people seek for more complicated and expensive alternatives
to the very powerful stroll in the woods.

Please look at our events calendar often 
to see what's coming up

Please click here and see if you can join in.

Also please consider going to the woodlands with friends, family
and consider inviting others along with you. Enjoy a picnic together.

Please click here to message me so we can invite people to be with you

Click here for the map of forests and woodlands that I am recreating again
to see what is close to you that you can enjoy

More People in More Forests More Often
is placing more voters into the forests.

Votes are the currency of TD and ministers salaries, careers and pensions
(each one costing the state between €380,000 and €520,000 per year)
so let them see 1000s of voters in the forests rather than marching the streets.

I want us to be able to send TDs photos and videos 
of lots of their electorate in the forests on a Sunday

to show them where their voters are.

This is much more powerful than any online petition could be

Do you truly have a passion 
for trees and forests?

Can you help and support us with this
while also helping yourselves, family and friends?  


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