Our First Meet Up at Glendalough

I need to get into the habit of posting reviews of our gatherings here each week.

I'll try to start the habit right now.

16 people turned up, including children, and no dogs this time.
This included people who arrived later
and meeting people later who had arrived much earlier.

At last, its was a Sunday gathering, this year, where we had over 10 C temps, though sometimes it did not seem it in the quite fierce wind when we were not sheltered.

There were frequent rain showers and bursts of sun too.

Good to have a harp along, and a very young player, and some very poetry readers and storytellers I have not heard before. For many here it was the first time they had shared a Bards In The Woods with us.

We stopped for readings and listening at the Holy Well before taking off, beside a light waterfall stream along the Green Road and at St. Saviour's Church ruins, then again at the Holy Well on return.

There was no food foraging on this walk and, surprisingly, very little tree identification discussion.

There was a lot of archaeology talk and demonstrations that were very interesting such as stories and history of the well, other wells in the area, stone art at St. Saviour's church, and Mary Fitzsimons explained a quartz cairn remains she had discovered.

There was talk of local wildlife including Stephen's photo of a white doe.

The highlight for me was wee Bethan playing us a couple of tunes on her harp, by the well :-)

Picnic, as usual, was very special.
Spread over a couple of pre-placed picnic tables everyone's contributions placed on them gave us all a pig out feast.

As usual, time flew. We shared a good 4 hours or more with each other.
A lovely, lovely day with lots of happiness and enthusiasm.

click for the photo album on Facebook, 17 pics

I think you can view them publicly if you are not a Facebook member?

I will add videos on YouTube here soon.


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