Picnic and Poets in Glenfarne Woods

A lovely new notice board map has now been put up here at the Lough Side ar park :-) 

I love this seat in this beautiful scenic spot. I always have to take a pic when I pass by :-) 

Looking at the Lough Macneen as we stroll along the loughside path here ...

Loughs by forests, I love places like this, true forest and coastal bathing ...

This is our bunch of Bards today :-) 

I especially love this pic of Bee Smith and Tony Cuckson.

Plaque on one of the scultures here - Point Of Contact. 

So we take the Mystery Path, a deep woodland path, this time, as last year I walked the full circle.

quaint bridge

a Bardic Rest

another Bardic Rest in a felled area

And now we are at Badger's Well ...

and investigate ...

Jonathan hangs a prayer on an Ash tree here ...

And finally it is Picnic Time, that we all love :-) 

And we say our farewells to another peaceful restoring time at Glenfarne Woods ...


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