Back To Derreen Woods, more Well Work

13 people turned up
8 women, 5 men
and 1 young lad, but no dogs.

Lots of special new people with us this time, excellent author and manager of Rathcroghan Visitor's Centre, Lora O'Brien, her archaeologist husband Doug and their three remarkable children. Debra Hoyle and friend Stephen from Co. Down, Linda Rosewood from California especially in for this. Claire Roche ... but no harp this time, and sunday regulars Bridget and Andy plus Jonathan Pipe.

Who have I missed out who was here?

Wonderful weather, our warmest Sunday yet this year, quite a bit of sun and no rain. Layers did come off but not down to t-shirts yet.

Bluebells were out in abundance, but petals refusing to display themselves, so none of the blue groundscape like last year yet.

Again, Toberderragh Well was the theme, motive and goal of this afternoon. More people with wellies this time, including myself, though I ended up not being of the main labour force in the end.

I kicked off with my Coll The Hazel poem, the only poem or story this session, and then it was hands on.

The flow of the well was unblocked,
the steps we discovered last week cleaned up a bit
and some flat stones around the edge revealed and cleaned a bit.

Picnic time, this time by the well, and a jolly time that was as it always is. Quite a thirst for the tea this time.

I think we left sometime between 6 and 6:30 pm, very satisfied with our visit.

Next Sunday, 5th May, will be my own last Derreen Woods visit with Bards In The Woods. Maybe others will list their visists and gatherings here this year.

Next Sunday's focus will be more on the bluebells, that I hope will greet us ...
but I've just "seen" something special is planned for the well too.

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I will add videos on YouTube here soon.


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