Lots Of Talking, Not Enough Walking

First a huge applause for the combined efforts of Richard Boyd Barrett, Andrew St. Ledger and others for bringing together, they say, over 4000 people for a "Walk In The Woods" at Avondale on 28th April 2013.

Wow, if more than 100 turned up to a Bards In The Woods event I think I would be rushed to hospital.

With that in mind I kind of wished this was an event of 50 or more people in 80 or more forests all over Ireland with lots of pics and video clips sent to the local TDs to those forests instead of 4000 people in one forest.

Still, this is what these lads did, and lots of help from un-named lasses too, and it was a very, very, good thing to do ... so encore applause from me for all of that. Richard and Andrew put so much of themselves in their own way into this vital cause ... and did it well.

... yet I was not there. I was in another forest.
I will not go into why here as its OT.

Where are the Pics and Videos?

What has concerned me, is concerning me, is that despite such a big event I have seen very little after event reaction online outside of Richard's and Andrew's own web site and social media presence. There's lots of "nice job lads" but I am not seeing many pics and video clips outside of what is posted by Richard and Andrew?

I have not seen any photos and video clips of the 4000 plus attending actually taking a Walk In The Woods, explaining what they discovered and the feelings and joy they had there. There are no videos of stories, poems, identification experiences, or the way we play in the woods, young and senior among us.

I have not seen any comments from those who were there that say something like
"can't wait to get walking in the woods again" and
"hey this was so good we have decided that next weekend
we are getting together with friends in 'xyz forest' and do 'abc' while there".

Please lads and lasses, do not just leave this campaign hanging as if the forests are some inherited heirloom that we leave untouched but beg nobody sells them off.

Why be in the forests?

Some people say to me, "but I do not want to interfere with the forests and intrude as humans have done enough damage there already". Really !! Possibly, the energy of just sending that message to me may have been worth the power of a tree branch or two.

We are nature too, though sometimes we seem to be embarrassed to admit it, so the forests are our deep rooted home, 'scuse the pun, much more than the apartment, house, mansion, castle or palace we live in.

Do we want people to evict us from our home?

Now, perhaps more than ever, I feel it is vital, very vital to ignite the big spark that Richard, Andrew and friends have struck to set alight the kindling and fire of this essential cause.

Make this your Bealtaine action, I urge !!

Make this much more than your small ritual fires, your candles, your talked meditations etc.

Get your words,
get your dance,
get your feet,
even get your food
into the forests and woodlands with public access all over Ireland at least once, twice or a lot more over the next two weeks, and more.

Why Now ?

I cannot find an online link for this and I am awaiting a message of confirmation, but I believe the final decision about Forest Harvesting Sell Off  is happening on 14th May.

Some folks ask me what the big deal is about as harvest sell off does not seem so bad compared to selling the land. If this goes ahead Ireland's forests are likely to be felled at an alarming rate for overseas trade to return cash to Ireland to boost share dividends to pension managers.

None of this has local interest, Public Access will be gone, and though we do not admit it we actually need the forests around us as much as the bees and uncontaminated water.

Forest provides holistic all round healing, protection and personal care much more than anything else, I believe.

Getting together with friends and family in a forest
with snacks and picnic is very very easy.
click here to see how

click to get yourself listed here
either to join a gathering, or two, or get one going

... especially before May 14th.

Please Walk The Woods and share 
rather than Talk The Woods

Entertain your TDs with your pics, videos and request to vote against Tree Harvesting Rights sell off and vote to sustain and expand Public Access in Forests.

Send your forestry gathering
pics and vids plus short firm
protest and ask for support
using tthis link ...

click here to find out where to email to

Please do NOT blast all TDs but those local to yourselves plus copies to Minster of Agriculture Simon Coveney

Good point made too,  never send attachments with TD emails as they go into spam boxes, and in the above service you cannot send attachment - but include links to your YouTubes, photo albums such as Flickr and Dropbox links. If any of these are viewed by a TD on a smart phone, iPhone, tablet or iPad they are automatically opened by apps that shows the pics and vids like an attachment anyway.

Enjoy Walking The Forests rather than Talking Of Forests

I look forward to your listings over the next couple of weeks and beyond.

again, click here to do that ...

click here for what Richard Boyd Barrett reported about last Sunday 

P.S. This week Pat Rabbitte said “mooted privatisation of Coillte looks more unlikely every day” but Enda Kenny still says “has not made any decision about the decision to sell other than to list a number of opportunities for the sale of State assets”

click here for what Pat Rabbitte and Enda Kenny said this week


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