Forest Bathing Kit In A Box

About a year ago I jokingly debated the idea and popularity of creating a Forest Bathing kit in a box, and if I did would I become an overnight millionaire sensation from doing so rather than remaining as a poverty and penance man encouraging people to use the forests more often.

Well, folks, the Forest Bathing kit
is now available,
created by someone else.

I'm probably helping these folks towards their fame, fortune and exclusive prestige ... though they do state it is very limited edition.

click here to 'discover' it

Really I find this idea all a bit daft

It reads to me as a quest to replace the forests if you are willing to pay $129 for a home use version.

With this kit you can breath in the forests without the distractions of wildlife animal yack, aromas of other plants like wild garlic if you believe you are allergic to garlic, plus no muddy boots, no weather changes, no forestry allergies, and no possible biting insects, - total forest nirvana?

I have long admired herbalism, tree healing and aromatherapy, plus a lot of people have discovered remarkable respiratory relief from Himalayan Salt Inhalers, so why do I find all of of this bundled together very suspect?

To me this fits into our modern fast food style psyche.
We can perceive this as being natural, exclusive, spiritual and very clinical, and best of all "we can have it now" without going to the forest and the possible discomforts and unexpected that may await us there.

Opinions please?


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