Eco Eye - Woodlands

I do not want to lose touch with this video so I will publish a blog with it.

It is an episode of Eco Eye presented by Duncan Stewart about Irish Woodlands

The video notes say "In ancient Ireland, trees were revered and worshiped, the price of chopping one down was severe, so why has this love and respect of our natural woodlands not survived?"

This episode two of Eco Eye 2014 looks at the efforts of those trying to save and even restore our native woodlands and along with it the biodiversity that thrived for thousands of years in these magical places.

This video also presents a plan to develop native woodlands along the waterways of Ireland to aid preservation of the waterways, defend land leeching and provide corridors for biodiversity life to spread around the country again. This would prevent wildlife and life forms going extinct within the smaller and smaller pockets of native land for them.


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