People, Picnics and Paddling at Derrycarne

Great to be back in one of my favourite forests of Ireland.

As it is not signposted from the main N4 road this can be a tricky forest to find but with small additions I notice each time I am here I am sure signs for Derrycarne Woods are immenent.

Perhaps the more common sign at present is to the Lough ...

3G signal was quite good so, at last I could get the entrance to the woods listed in Facebook Places which may ease the finding of here in future.

There were a few cars parked here. I suspect many people do not realize that we can drive a further 1 to 1.5 k into this forest and be by its shore. Here is the start of the forest road ...

And here is where I like to park, near the main jetty which still looks beautiful before the leaves are out.

A few more cars here, and one family having a picnic.

I waited a few minutes, knowing few, if any were going to be here, connected to Bards In The Woods. Some folks that were coming had changed their mind in the morning due to weather fears and had made arrangements to join up with others indoors. As usual most of those who post "Going" on Facebook are really saying they are Not Going.

Driving here was a bit tricky, I admit, with the cross winds, but here in the woods wind was now calmer for awhile and sun warm on the face.

Donijka and her daughter Taliah arrived. I have not seem them for a long time ... so of on adventure we went.

Spring flowers were abundant, and no matter how often folks help me to identify them I forget too easily. How I earned herb medicine diplomas years ago is a mystery now.

Here's one example, a beautiful white flower on a tree that to me looks like a cross between Passion Flower and Devil's Potato. The tree I could not work out, dark green shiny leaves and tunk of slippery dark green. Can anyone help me out with this?

There was only one of these that I could see.

There were violets out.

Blackthorn trees were abundant in blossom, but though I got close, I did not actually take close up pics of blossom

Along more track ...

and back towards the lough

passing a crumbled boat house

Then by the lough, and the wind was getting up again

Looking into the sun ...

Ok, lets look for the Fairy Ring and then onto the ancient Well. Now where is that well ???

I must remember it is behind the Fairy Ring henge that is behind the fallen fir, and behind the greenish bark alder there, the darkest trunk, and there we will find it ... not so hidden.

Quite a bit of water in it today, but not easy to photograph.

Back on the Woodland Path, Taliah loves to go down to the water to splash. The water level is much higher today.

Later, on the top road, no extra pics as I have many of there, but there is some changing happening.

One area that was part of the old Derrycarne Demesne House lawn looks like changing its use. This is a place of previously hidden extra picnic tables and a carpet of fallen golden Beech leaves that stay here all year round.

A reddish sandstony type gravel has been laid here and this suggests this is going to be a main car park. Reasons being the easy access to several picnic tables and a beautiful lough side beach area.

Out of picture is still a heap of red gravel suggesting that more is about to be put down.

Time now to have our picnic time.

There are people around, but I did not take pics. Glenfarne Woods is a perfect place for dog walking but for some reason today it seemed more like a convention of dog breeders.

One person had an ultra friendly rockweiler and friendly British bulldog and he seemed to be getting annoyed at the friendliness of his dogs with behaviour totally opposit to what he intended, I'm sure.

There was a pack of slobbery black labradors who loved going in and out of the water, there were springer spaniels both golden and black and white, a pack of terriers too, but not sure of breed.

So we cut down through from the what seemed like new car park to the beach are, but the water level really hiding the beach.

Wind was back up. When we passed here earlier it was calm again with lots of sun. Anyway, tuck into picnic, my often brought along potato salad, some nettle soup and other goodies.

After all that, why not a Paddle? :-)

We had been here over 3 hours. Did not get any poetry in, just a simple chill out and wander around. Derrycarne Wood, well its forest size, is such a warming place to visit at any time.

The next Bards In The Woods is scheduled here for 5th October to catch the Autumn leaves ... but I know I will sneak back once or twice in the summer too :-) This place is too beautiful to miss.


  1. Nice article about Derrycarne. Normally I visit from the water from the far side of the river, and its a great spot when the sun is out. Great for fishing too, just outside the reeds. However, when I have driven down recently I was met with barriers not allowing me to go too far into the woods. Locals told me that this is the norm nowadays to stop late night parties etc. Still, it just makes for a further walk in this beautiful area which is not a bad thing!

  2. Hello Dan, Been there several times with Bards In The Woods meetups and so far no gate shut upon us. Maybe Sunday afternoon is a good vandal free time to go there :-)


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