A Stop Off At St. Hugh's

On the way home from Cavan Burren it's quite a tradition for me to
stop off at St. Hugh's, Leitrim, quite close to Drumshambo just off of
 the Dowra to Drumshambo road.

Four of us took this detour this time

Here we can visit St. Hugh's Well

which is this place

and St. Hugh's Sweathouse

which is this structure

Approaching the Sweathouse is very pretty any time of the year.

A second bridge to get closer

and then explore here and wonder what once went on here

The sound of the small but busy burn, plus bird sing calls any visitor to relax here.

Now to the well, and on the way there Rowan blossom is abundant
and very fragrant

Same with Hawthorn blossom.

At the well we must take a sip ...

but with the rich iron in the water, its a bit like rusty nails.

You may wonder about this sign

but I am not keen on coins or any metal being put into a well
despite it's ancient tradition.

Several large and ancient Holly trees here too.

This is a grand picnic area too.

Wonderful views of Lough Allen and beyond here

And a place to take lovely portrait pics of friends.

We have a Bards In The Woods Meet up here on 31st August 2014, Heritage Week. The focus will be on picnic, these local ancient sites, mature native trees, poems, stories, relaxation, nature's sounds. Do join us

Click here for the St. Hugh's event page for our August time here


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