Invocation Within The Glen

I left home during a thunderstorm and lashings of rain to arrive at the entrance of The Glen west of Sligo in warm sunshine and dry everywhere.

Nobody was here yet. I was early. There were dark clouds to the SW and the E.

I was wondering if my directions were enough. The best landmark here is the white walled well, and some folks have cleared this a bit since I was here last year.

I was excited though, and could not wait to go in.

Alas, it seemed like seconds before the SW black cloud reached us, and at that point two people arrived, seemed to have travelled far, said they had arrived for Bards In The Woods, but the light shower aroused fear in them. They said they would do something else ... and drove away.

Just then four people emerged from the path "Are you Bards In The Woods?". "Oh, we thought it was 2 pm, and we've been now", and so they left.

Two women then turned up, but they were eager to get in there rather than wait around to see who would turn up. They were motivated!

Then four people turned up, we could not wait any longer ... let's go !!!

Being excited, again I forgot to took more pics of the path to The Glen ... but once in The Glen today, this was it!

Well the start of it.

And there's some folks waiting for us :-)

The swing is still there

but none of us used it today.

We made our greetings, hand shakes and hugs

I read out Robin Williamson's 'Invocation',
as it seemed we needed to call on something to unite us.

It sort of worked as we went into lively conversations as if we were long lost friends who knew each other and could not wait to share with others.

It was like a happy campfire scene.

After awhile I thought, well we are not moving awhile,
let's have a cup of tea together at least.

The tea quickly sprawled into the full picnic,
but I did not take pics of that, this time.

After awhile I had a yearning to explore.
My hint was to take a pic of the scene in the distance.

But the chat happily rumbled along

and the sun and warmth of the day blessed us well, with no midges either!

Nobody else brought words but I shared a very old Cailleach poem of mine,
The White Hag, one of two poems I have written with that title.
I also shared Coll The Hazel, but neither on video this time.

Eventually the enthusiasm to explore happened !!!

Well for three of us. The others said it was time to go home.

I have other blog posts on The Glen so for a little while let me just run one pic after another, and I will say more soon ...

We were a bit mesmerized by this dangling Ivy.

Andy climbed on top of an ancient 'midden' a hunter gatherer's waste dump that's about 9000 years old.

Typical sea shells from the midden, clams

and cockles, and both these are also 9000 years old or more !!!

In the current light I was fascinated by some of the tree bark textures, such as this ageing Ash, who's bark had gone from smooth to coarse ...

and this Beech next to it who shapes inspire all kinds of imagery :-)

I was just talking to Bridget and Andy about how wonderful the place was not littered with Rag Trees ....

Then what should appear before us !!!

On close investigation this is more like a 'Love Tree'

and some old traditions here on this tree too, which is a Hazel tree

On the path out - fuchsias

For some reason, as we left, we fancied getting some chips from Shells in Strandhill, but we were 15 minutes too late. They close early.

We settled for ice creams instead.

Mine was a Cherry Springer ... boom boom

This really did conclude the happiness and playfulness of this afternoon

Bards were really In The Mood.

Click here to read more about The Glen, including 9 music videos filmed here


  1. It looks lovely and fresh and cool John.

    1. Fresh yes, cool no, was quite humid at that time, but thankfully no midges or other biting insects :-)

  2. It does look cool in a hip sort of way though!


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