Helping The Fae To Breath at Hill Of Tara

This special event was arranged by Carmel Diviney who called upon friends and broadcasted in the media to help clear the 'junk' from the twin 'fairy trees' quite close to the the popular Cormac's Court.

Some of you may already say 'this is not the real fairy tree" and others have said that we should not mess with other people's intentions here. Its a big subject, this tradition of trees, but thinking of the several condoms and underwear bits we removed from here, if they had been hund on the fence up to the visitor's centre, different words would have been said. Anyway, I will leave that and introduce us to our afternoon here.

3:00 pm and here's Carmel waiting for the the people to arrive

and so was her trusted dog, Buddy, the Crann Sióga C

A few passionate, devoted and eager souls were here

and part of the work to be done ...

So the first few got started. Notice the dried grass knot, that's ok to stay, anything like that, we decided.

and a local young fit lad climbed to get the higher strangling attachments

A few more turned up and got into the action

then a lot more

Bethan played the harp

more people kept arriving

Between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm it was just about all done, and Carmel, here with Sylvester, was totally delighted :-)

Sylvester up the ladder, "ah, just what I need! I'll just borrow this for a moment"

"perfect!, I can just get this part done"

"Ah well, Beddy, lets share a swig or two of this Breton Mead while they get on with it"

Yes, the ladder was very popular ... getting to those highest placed condoms, white interesting 'intentions' there, I would say.

Some coins pulled from the trees. This lad does this regularly, but the coins still keep coming. People do not realize the tree harm they do with this badly perverted 'tradition'.

Photos are taken of photographers

"Can someone get me down please?"

See this?

caused by this

all over the Hawthorn 'Fairy' Trees,

How can this be good?

Here's a part of both trees when cleared except for natural intention prayer items.

Carmel left an 'instructions' notice at the Tree

We went off to the White Cow (Patrick's Well) after, to place what were obviously valuable intentions and blessings and inspired words were shared there ... but I did not switch on media there, so no pics etc.

From there, back to the Original Fairy Tree. The twin Hawthorns we had cleared are really decoy trees to prevent more damage to the original Fairy Trees. Alas, the 'decoy' trees were going the same direction of destruction. We hope they are now saved by our actions.

Here we are approaching the original Fairy Tree ...

See how bare of leaves this has due to former abuse?
It is coming back to life now, though.

Again, 'media' was switched off as we each spontaneously held onto the tree and became the tree. A time of silence, a time of pure intentions. Nothing left on the trees but our prayers and wishes had been spoken. I hope that is a tradition that will prevail, respect for the trees, being living beings that have been on this planet a lot longer than us humans.

After, we share our feelings of the afternoon

and Sylvester left his ...

but only temporarily. He did lead us through the toasting of the tree, a kind of beautiful spontanious wassailling.

I believe many of us were deeply moved and inspired by this afternoon, a lot of feel good. I learned a lot and it was very spirit changing personally, which I really did not expect at all.

We said our farewells.

Click here to listen to some wind harp on the Hill Of Tara at this time.

When We Become A Tree

When are we like the tree,
being present to all of our senses
and all things that branch from the infinate core of our being,
our core being the lifelong umbilical connection to the Mór na Cú,
then desire is whole and not fragmented and we are not enslaved.

Is this why we enter a forest worn out is some way,
stressed, tired, uninspired, and often don't want to
'waste' our time is some darned forest.

Eventually we leave the forest feeling fresh,
transformed, inspired, happy, visionary, focused and even brave.

See, hear, smell, touch and taste this tree
Be part of its wonderful spontaneous ebb and flow dance
as one of its diverse guests
circling and swirling together by a unifying unseen element.

By being with this tree
and how its branches and roots stretch out,
and light upon us to enchant our faith
to at last believe we are the same within,
I believe we can become a tree too
accepting, and dancing within the unity in all things.

Through being a tree, as a tree
I am confident we restore, peace, harmony, and clarity within ourselves
and that clarity links with all trees
all animals, all birds and all life
just like the trinity purpose of creation
was, and will be constantly born

From the Fae's breath
that unseen element that is everything
that everything branches from,
the desired centeredness, as we strangely call it,
that frees our living consciousness
from the limitations enslaved upon us
by guilt, concerns, anxiety and fear.

I feel that any tree,
is a dynamic creation that is the fusion of
static stillness and intense movement,
a spiral dance that has no beginning or end.
inviting us to share the constant flow and ebb of creativity

When we become a tree
we clearly identify
birth, creation, harvest, and transformation,
that cycles round and round, slowly, patiently

When we become a tree
we discover what we call the divine,
we discover the unseen light
that we have not created a language to describe.

But we often call it She
a Universal Mother
and give her names

I sometimes call out for the Mór na Cú, to lay with me
but it is the Bri de Óg, that comes to me
Fire from the Arrow, spark of lust, unity and birth
is the intensity that is thrust upon me
but together that intense movement
and the still silence I crave
both dance together to preserve wholeness and infinity.

Let us not talk of time and being somewhere else, than here
just lets be, which is what happens
when we become a tree


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