Wells, Woods & Wonders Of Glendalough

We start to gather ...

This is on Saturday, 28th June 2014, a beautiful warm, sunny summery afternoon, despite a restless weather forecast and a usual spray of messages from people not turning up due to weather concerns.

Bethan unwraps her harp, after a drizzle,
and the only drizzle of the afternoon, had passed.

Rosaleen serves us an introduction to our afternoon, standing by Kevin's Well,
the wells we are about to see, some interesting stuff about them ...

... and makes this much more entertaining with a delightful accompanied dance

Then Bethan performs some delightful tunes on her harp. Each year we hear how much further she grows and develops with her wonderful instrument.

Before we leave this well, some folks leave blessings and prayers on the Birch Tree here and I share Beith The Birch. (Thanks to Erika for the photo).

The we head off down the Green Road west,
and Marty the Cairn Terrier catches up from behind.

but some folks are behind us too

Eventually at our destination ...

I have featured pics of this church often elsewhere so took none today.

But I did like this tree by its entrance.

So through the Reefert's Church graveyard and over the wall ...

Here's the Reefert's Church Well that was uncovered by Gary Hannigan,
Rosaleen Durkin and Stephen Moss.

Yes, it was dry today, as many of these ancient wells are right now
after a dry spell.

Some relaxation time was had here, plus the start of Picnicking ...

... but some people wanted to picnic by the beautiful Great Lake shore.

Ah yes, the Great Lake of Glendalough

and its shadows.

Picknicking actually became settled more away from the lake
and in a pretty tree spot.

Only a few of those that shared the afternoon actually shared this picnic,
but of course it was still a great craic.

When most people had departed, time for a bit of touristy exploration of Glendalough, especially as this is all new for Erika from Minnesota here.

The round tower, of course ...

I love this picture of Kyle in awe within the Abbey here :-)

This was one of many perfect afternoons, perfect days, with wonderful company, conversation, stories, poems, nourishing air, sun, warmth and scenery ....
one of those moments you do not want to let go of :-)

(another pic by Erika, of Erika)


  1. That sounds a totally perfect day John. I wish I had been there, but your wonderful writing and photos make it 'as near as'. Thank you xxx Marcella


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