Wishing you a Blessed 2015

It has been awhile since I wrote in this blog. There has been a lot of articles half written but not sent to you yet.

First, here's wishing you a joyful and blessed 2015.

Bards In The Woods 2015 & W.B.Yeats

I aim to have the calender of Bards In The Woods meet ups this year by the end of this month, January. As this is a year of a lot of celebrating of W.B. Yeats, due to being his 150th birthday on June 13th, we will be hosting several Bards In The Woods meet-ups in the Sligo area.

This starts off on March 1st at Hazelwood, which is also the first day of National Tree Week.

We will have several meet-ups at Dooney Rock, The Glen, Hazelwood again, and arranging specials for Beezies Island 

Maybe Church Island, but certainly Innisfree Island, which is said to be open to the public this year

At one point we were invited to be part of the 'official' Yeats2015 programme, but seemed to get bumped off that so we will host our 'fringe' version. Pity, because as an official part there was loot to be paid which would help our promotional expenses, which is a challenge at present. 

One example is on the evening of June 13th, the 'official' Bards will be at Hazelwood but we, Bards In The Woods, will be there the following afternoon, June 14th.

Bards In The Woods Award

It was a surprise and a delight to accept the award for Bards In The Woods at the Save The Planet Awards 2014. This was for 'Ethical Initiatives'. Thank you who voted me in for this. 

I will post this on the Bards In The Woods web site shortly. This 'pat on the back' has already attracted positive responses to what we do. 

Almost Daily Blog

This is something I started, I think, January 2nd. Its a great place for me to huddle the news and links of the day relevant to what we do. It certainly contains latest news before it even appears on this Bards In The Woods blog

You can subscribe to it for email delivery too.

Click for the Almost Daily Blog, and look through back issues too

I have posted items related to Sustainable Living, Permaculture, Food Forests, Global Warming, Writing, Poetry, Music, Picnics, Labyrinths, plus some tree and forest stuff.

Bards In The Woods Web Site

Yes, sorry, I know its in a mess at the moment.

A lot of the photos have vanished, though if you click the small squares they come up.

These are the photos I have hosted on Facebook. The ones hosted on Google are just fine. Its going to be a long job to sort this out, so I humbly ask for your patience.

Google Maps of forests is also another area messed up due to Google changing everything to their cumbersome and frustrating new Maps service which makes custom maps tougher to handle. Again, I ask for your patience while I sort that out.

I am slow with those two jobs as I am aiming to get a book into the publishers by January 20th, and have a lot to do with that.

Also, the posting of Bards In The Woods dates I have to do.

Bards In The Woods Funds

More and more people are saying to me "I wish I knew about Bards In The Woods". Of course I kindly let them know that they do know now. 

Some have not turned up due to thinking we do fast paced walking, others fear there is a hidden cost, some think its a guru get together, so think we always get wet and so it goes on. Out of these perhaps one or two are sincere and enthusiastic about what we do. So I would like to be able to afford to reach out to more people to become involved. 

It does cost money to spread the word, so I have placed donation buttons where I can, mainly around e-books I have brought out and are bringing out, so please contribute a euro or two to these when you see them. PayPal account not needed, but some kind of card, Debit or Credit is needed if PayPal is not handy.

Woodland Photo Shoot

Claire Roche and I needed to get some professional pics done for Press Kits for the USA, where we will be from end of March until end of April.

Before the photographer arrived we selected some places in Lough Key forest. Claire is here by one of the giant Beech trees. She came back here later with a maroon dress instead. 

Claire also came back here with her Irish harp later

There were shots at other trees of each of us individually and both together. I will post some when the real pics come from the photographer.

After, we went to Ardcarne Nursery for lunch, and briefly met Bridget Foy, before she went onto a Little Christmas event.

We both had their Hummus Salad ...

... and a 'Nice Cuppa Tea' ... see the notice board

Hopefully I will be back to you soon with more news of Bards In The Woods Events this year.


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