Bealtaine 2015, Derreen Woods, the Bluebell Woods

Ah, I've been many times before, but our local bluebell woods never tire. Two or three visits a year in May is essential.

Bluebells are truly the sign of Spring becoming summer as they are the last of the Spring flowers, or could we call them the first of the summer flowers?

After being in the USA for a month, Bards In The Woods was new again. It was exciting to unpack my store of picnic delph and wash them up again ...

Here are some of our people of today, travelling to here from Letterkenny, Ballina, Castlebar, Sligo and our local man Michael who is always good to see. It was an all Irish born bunch today which I find heartening as when I started the Bards In The Woods lark it was always us blow ins.

So into the bluebell woods we go ...

Bluebells not as thick and as blue as other years. Two years ago was perhaps the best. Blossoming was not great last year. I was disturbed by how many visiting people picked huge bunches of the flowers. The 'do not pick' signs are not out this year.

Some wild garlic is out in patches where I have not seen it before ...

Some places have not bloomed bluebells yet ...

Taking pics of interesting tree stumps again ...

Next, off to the fairy ring area. I was not intending to go, but the afternoon had become unexpectedly sunny and warm.

The ribbons marking our way to the fairy ring were now almost all gone, but for some reason it is much clearer now. More frequent visitors are creating a track too.

I did not get pics of the fairy ring this time, but we sat on the long fallen tree trunk and shared a few poems.

Nearby is the familiar 'dinosaur' skeleton tree :-)

From there a stop by the tall oak trees, but the light was somehow not great to get decent pics.

Then onto seeing how Tobarderragh Well is doing ...

Quite weeded up since last year, and a new spring of beautiful clear water has opened up ...

We played around here for awhile, including attempts to make dowsing rods from fallen Hazel sticks :-)

On the way back found the self hugging tree that marks where we descend back to the trail ...

Saddened to see this beech felled as we have had several wonderful bardic moments sat at the base of this ...

Of course, Bards In The Woods is not complete without the picnic. No picnic table here so we need to arrange one for future, I think. Also I brought soup thinking it would be wet and cold, but it was really a salad day ..

Those bucket grills are really handy, very portable. I removed the top grill plate to hold the saucepan firm.

Car became the table ...

Everyone tucked in as best they could. I really enjoyed the company of these folk.

Had to make sure we did not create a litter fine before we left.

Grand afternoon, so it was :-)


  1. Poet-tree amidst Bluebells , a feast of the senses, good turnout John.


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