Last Time In Bluebell Woods 2015

Sunday, 10th May was a very wet day, especially in the afternoon when the showers were quite tropical like and drenching. This is something unusual on Bards In The Woods Sunday afternoons when we have become used to sun.

Even so, there were still several people among the bluebells. One person turned up for Bards In The Woods, so we took a few pics and had a wee stroll as we were here ...

Again, this shows that the bluebell blooming was not as strong this year as on other years.

From here we went to the Cafe at the nearby Ardcarne Garden Centre where we met two more 'Bards' but these two just went straight to the cafe.

We enjoyed coffee and snacks and a stroll around the plants when the rain ceased a bit. I looked for Hazel nut trees, but there were none for sale today. I bought some quick growing Home Guard potatoes for a compost box I have empty.

No pics of this time in the cafe.

Now hoping for better weather at next week's Bards In The Woods in Lough Key Park At the moment it does look better, but really it could not be much more rainy than last Sunday.

Was still a good social afternoon out, though, and definitely not time wasted :-)


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