Return To the Magical Glen

Each time we are here the weather has been ok, and it looked being so today. Even if it rains outside it often seems to be sheltered here.

Several people wanted to join up with us for this afternoon, more than 20 people at one point. Through the Sunday morning the messages of drop outs flowed but it still looked like 10 of us would be there.

We waited at The Well

The inside view with steps.

and Coleston took some nature snaps

From here on, Nature frequently seized Coleston's hat ...

Nobody else turned up so we started on our way ...

and the Fae continued to seize Coleston's hat frequently.

Coleston took this pic :-) 

A gate is back here but not as nice as the ornate gate that used to be here, that I think was stolen last year.

The path was surprisingly drier than it usually is, considering the rain we have had.

Then the path opens out to this ...

and a row of mature Ash and Sycamore trees

Disturbed by visitors here dumping their rubbish. What magic did they believe would whisk this away?

And the lovely fireplace here covered with rocks into a little cairn. Yes, the Fomorians have been here.

A bit further up we stopped for a tea break, and Lelia arrived from Roscommon wearing a huge smile

So now we enter into the depths of this canyon which is naturally formed and not walls or a quarry.

Lelia races ahead as its her first time here and she is excited. Jan had a foot and ankle problem so could not go far. I was in the mood for leisure here, and I think Coleston was too.

There are some massive fallen tree trunks to slide over, to continue the path

and to continue rewards us with scenes like this ...

There's a place where two waterfalls fall sometimes.

A closer view of the stone table the water falls on ...

One of the waterfall rocks

but this is as far as we are going today, about a third into this canyon.

Heading back ...

Bye, bye for now Glen

Farewell to Lelia who I hope we will meet at Rinn DĂșinn, Co. Roscommon soon.

As we are near Strandhill it must be fish n' chips to complete our day :-)


  1. amazing place. I would love to have gone on this walk with you all. I hope someday to see The Glen. Thank you for the virtual walk and blog, John.


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