Early Autumn At Hazelwood

I title this blog article as 'early Autumn', even though we are close to Equinox and mid autumn, as there is still very little colour change in the leaves here at Hazelwood, despite some Beech and a few Brown Hazel leaves fallen.

The weather was perhaps very Autumn though ...

It was a cloudy, misty afternoon, but stayed dry for us most of the time, not bad temperature for now, either, 14C, though on this date last year it was 21C, but I am pleased to say support for Bards In The Woods was a bit more this year than sunny last year.

Last year nobody turned up! Today, despite 18 goings on Facebook, 6 goings on Meet Up and a lot of enthusiastic Twittering, Sarah and Coleston turned up to start ...

Marolly joined us a bit later. New and very interesting people to meet up and be with so this created a wonderful afternoon. Sarah is a water sports instructor and Marolly's passion is mountain climbing so weather would rarely be an issue with these girls.

A lot of people were at Hazelwood this afternoon, car park almost full. Several people brought dogs along, me included :-)

I came to Hazelwood with neighbour Jan's Pixie :-)

A lovely springer spaniel who had lots of fun here :-)

Before we leave the car park and ducks area, a pretty pic ...

Also, another pic of the 'dragon' log that seems less dragons now as it drifts closer to shore ...

We pass some favourite places, and I know I have posted better pics of these before, but this is of this day.

A pic of an oak base that Pixie finds interesting ...

The 'elephant tree' ...

The base of a young English Oak in front of the base of a very mature Holm Oak, and you may see the young Holly in front of the Holm Oak

On the bare trunk stumps of thinned trees someone had left torn bread on all of them. I did not use a decent camera on this, but you get the idea :-)

We stopped awhile in a place where Sarah said the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company of Sligo had performed recently. I did not take a picture of here but shared Fearn The Alder and The Happy Dog Speaks. No other poems came from others, but just then Marolly caught up with us and joined us.

Our minute of drizzle arrived so brollies went up!

After the drizzle passed the wind then blew and temp went down a little for a few minutes ...

We arrived at the Yew Trees are and by the big Yew Tree I shared my Yew Tree poem from Ogma's Tale Of The Trees.

I did not take a pic of the big Yew Tree this time, but I still love this one of here that includes Bridget and Charlie ...

The others, today, did not have a poem or story offering, though they did have lovely stories as they walked.

After the yews, I was outvoted to continue the walk further. Sarah had to be somewhere else and Coleston and Marolly were now in tea and picnic mood, so it is the short cut back for supplies.

Under the trees at the picnic table it warmed up awhile, wind eased, it was dry, and we truly enjoyed our very relaxed time here for awhile ...

Nobody got to read the Song Of The Wandering Aengus today. There did not seem to be a moment for that, though I was about to suggested when Marolly joined us as we were in a perfect spot for that. The flow went another way then.

We are back here for the opening of the 2016 Bards In The Woods season at Tree Week, first Sunday of March. Please join us then as that is currently the only time we will be here next year.


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