About Bards In The Woods

Originally was set up to encourage more people to use the Public Forests of Ireland for leisure, relaxation and for meeting up with people in the very healthy forest air.

"Our family of 3 went to Dooney Rock Woods for the meetup BBQ Bardic session on the 25th October 2015 and had a fantastic time. We were made so welcome and had an opportunity to listen to and contribute towards poetry and stories in one of the most beautiful woods I have been to. The homemade veggie sausages were fab and so wholesome it made me want to make some myself. Thank you for the pumpkin pie and the plentiful food, it was an absolute delight! We can't wait to have our next meeting. It makes me want to 'up' my game and make some adventurous food to share with the group. There are so many beautiful places to walk and explore in this part of Ireland, I am so glad to have found this group who are such good company and share our love for woods. Thank you for making our week! Hope to keep in touch until the next meetup. Fionula"

Poetry was introduced to provide a non-intimidating space where people could share their inspired words, and would have a welcoming, listening and supportive audience.

Since our start in March 2012, other interests have organically been introduced into our afternoons such as helping each other with identification, foraging and sometimes preparations from what we may forage.

Moments of relaxation and quiet reflection are important and restoring ...

And then, of course, there is the joy and fun and fellowship of Picnic!

"John is the man behind Bards in the Woods. It was the first time I met him yesterday and he’s such a nice man, very friendly and welcoming. In fact everyone there was really nice, I felt very much at home. John reminds me of a boy scout, prepared for everything. He had a BBQ where he cooked nut sausages and colcannon that he’d made. Jan had made delicious pumpkin pie. There was also soup, fish, marshmallows, muffins and tea. It was a real feast! ...  It really is a lovely,peaceful, relaxing way to spend an afternoon."

Oh, we do not seem to have many pics of men here, do we? :-)

Yes, they do come along,

several men actually ...

We meet up in forests and woodlands of counties Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Mayo and sometimes Longford and Westmeath.

Our season starts on the first Sunday afternoon of March and usually finishes on the last Sunday afternoon of October.

for upcoming meet-ups click here

for maps of where we meet up click here

for photos, videos and blogs of past meet-ups click here

for articles of interest, related to what we do, click here

by the way, I am John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard

and I am the current co-ordinator of Bards In The Woods.
I live near the villages of Keash and Ballinafad in Co. Sligo.

to contact me, click here 

We look forward to you joining with us
Bards In The Woods on a Sunday afternoon :-) 

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