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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bards In The Woods 2017

As I write this, we are two weeks away from the start of Bards In The Woods 2017.

As usual, our first two meet-ups are on the two Sundays of National Tree Week, 5th March at Hazelwood, east of Sligo town, 2 pm,

Then the following Sunday, 12th March at Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim, 2 pm

I will give some links to these events later.

Each year we try some new things. Two years ago island woodlands were popular, but not so popular last year, but we will try one or two again this year.

One I am excited about is a series of 'Find Your Story' sessions at the wonderful Longford Demesne Woods near Betra. A special and different place to all of the others we go to. It is perfectly set up for a workshop approach. More about this soon.

Another new project, that I am still building a routine to, is Woodland Barding Weekly video. This is through Patreon as we do need to find ways to cover the costs of assembling and circulating Bards In The Woods. I hope you can help us a little through Patreon.

Here's the first video I made for this, a few weeks ago.
Each one is getting a bit better know :-)

Links ...

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