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Back To Derreen Woods

Just myself and Claire Roche this time, and mid week. Bluebells had blossomed a lot since the previous Sunday and it was a delight to be among them. We headed our now well worn path to the Toberdarragh Well, and sat in the quiet there for awhile. It was a still, peaceful, warm sunny time, just like a May Day should be. Hardly anyone else in the woods then, a true magic feel good afternoon click here for the rest  of the photo album   for this day  on Facebook, 24 pics I think you can view them publicly if you are not a Facebook member? Also, Back Here Among The Bluebells, Saturday 11th May I was there alone for awhile, earlier start, 1 pm, as it was just after shopping for me. Nobody else in the woods among the bluebells. Clare Lynch turned up with her delightful dog, I am not attempting to spell. We had a lovely warmish sunny afternoon. Overall I think we are having better average dry weather than we did last year when it often drenched us in showers. Thi

Derreen, The Well Sign Goes Up

5 people turned up 2 women, 3 men and 1 lovely dog. Remarkably small number for a Bealtaine Day, though there were several other walkers in the woods, much more than usual, obviously searching for the Bluebells. Some took an interest and fascination for Bards In The Woods and what we were doing. Not bad weather, warm, 16C, which I think makes that the warmest Sunday this year, dry but quite cloudy. A couple of sprinkles of sun. Bluebells were still struggling, out in abundance, but still most of the petals refusing to display themselves. There was some blue groundscape though but nothing like last year yet. There is hope and optimism  though, because like other wild flowers this year, like primroses, cowslips, violets and dandelions, there looks like a second wind of new flower buds shooting through. During this week I think the blue groundscape will be rich ... so I am making two more visits here during the coming week. Who will join me for them. The main purpose o