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Surprise Visit to Gortarowey (Ben Bulben)

As part of some Saturday errands, Claire wanted to check in to Drumcliffe Te Room as they sell a lot of her Yeats CDs there and were out of stock. In two week's time our Bards In The Woods meet up is at Gortarowey Forest on Sunday 27th April. I wanted to get a Facebook Places locked in, to help people find the place, and a few pics near the entrance. This is near Drumcliffe. I was a bit sceptical of going to this forest. I have not been there and reviews I have read were not favourable. This is a mainly sitka spruce plantation and the track is a straight path. I thought this could be a very boring place. What a surprise to discover it is not boring at all !!! The Google Maps Street View shows a raggedy road going up to a gate and no vision of anywhere to park. This turning left and forest sign are not on the Street View. But there is a new and quite spacious car park here. Surprisingly, no picnic tables but I think this amenity is only just starting to be pro

People, Picnics and Paddling at Derrycarne

Great to be back in one of my favourite forests of Ireland. As it is not signposted from the main N4 road this can be a tricky forest to find but with small additions I notice each time I am here I am sure signs for Derrycarne Woods are immenent. Perhaps the more common sign at present is to the Lough ... 3G signal was quite good so, at last I could get the entrance to the woods listed in Facebook Places which may ease the finding of here in future. There were a few cars parked here. I suspect many people do not realize that we can drive a further 1 to 1.5 k into this forest and be by its shore. Here is the start of the forest road ... And here is where I like to park, near the main jetty which still looks beautiful before the leaves are out. A few more cars here, and one family having a picnic. I waited a few minutes, knowing few, if any were going to be here, connected to Bards In The Woods. Some folks that were coming had changed their mind in the