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The Forests Of Cong

Last weekend I was invited to a birthday party that included the treat of an overnight stay at Ashford Castle that just about every visitor to Ireland from the USA dreams of staying in. Finding a time at the right price is the challenge as usually the regular overnight price is beyond the budget that anyone wishes to pay. This post is not revel over Ashford Castle, though, but its network of incredible mainly native tree forests that expand out for several Kms and miles. During both the Saturday and Sunday in the area we went on walks. This beautiful forest land stretches between the grand loughs of Corrib and Mask, which means its straddles over the borders of counties Galway and Mayo. It also links the villages of Cong and Clonbur 6 km apart. Cong is quite a tourist village, mainly due to its reputation as being location of the Quiet Man movie  much more than its multi plundered Abbey and Monastery, the surrounding ancient stone circles and cairns