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Bards In The Woods 2013

Hello everyone,  a sort of belated welcome to 2013. Here's an insight to  activities  and ideas for  Bards In The Woods  through this coming season. I am very excited with meeting up with you folks in the woods again, along with many more new faces that I am sure will be along. Our season in the first Sunday of March, the first Sunday of National Tree Week, until the last Sunday of October. National Tree Week We have set a tradition of promoting Bards In The Woods gatherings with shared picnics on Sunday afternoons, and though it is called National Tree Week it lasts 9 days, which means two Sundays, Sunday 3rd March  Sunday 10th March. What I would like to encourage is for Bards In The Woods  to quickly have a good listed presence on the Events Page  of the Tree Council Tree Week web pages.  I still have to put our own first two Tree Week events up there yet, but they will be posted by the next weekend, I hope. Click here for the Tree Week Events Page