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Climbing The Devil's Chimney, Sruth ín Aghaidh an Aird

Since Mark talked to me about this project two years ago I have been looking forward to this day. Mark and Fiona have lovingly created a path through the native woods to loop into some beautiful viewpoints and close access to the Devil's Chimney waterfall. There has been help from Leader and other sponsors and now this path is available to us public :-) A motivation for this is that some scholars believe this is the waterfall Yeats was refering to in his Stolen Child poem, as when the waterfall arrives, it does gush with gusto! Mark keep newly assembled a poster announcing we were coming along ... There's good information here to set us in the picture of what we are walking into .. This is just a little west of the popular visitor's Glencar Waterfall and is on the Leitrim-Sligo border There is also a request here to not dump our poultry here. Four of us in the car arrived a little early, but we did not expect many more to attend with us as I had re