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To Study Forest Bathing?

I have just answered an email that is like several similar emails I receive often. This is from overseas from a person of a different language and the translation was understandably awkward from a beautiful language to our jumbled one, so I have altered it to 'tidy' it up a little ... "I want to be a Forest Therapist. I have tried different ways to convince people to go to the woods and become aware and solidary to woods and their protection. I can do very little because I am not qualified in forestry, in biology or any other related subject. I would love to become forest therapist following the way of Shinrin-yoku. I do not have the money to attend courses, so, could you, please, be so kind to recommend books or similar that would teach me to make my dream come true?" Here is my answer ...  "Careful, you may be overestimating the need for 'qualifications' to do this. With my book and writings, people often ask who am I referring from and

Ben Bulben Magic by Hail or Shine

After a spectacular walk along the Gortarowey Trail, now known as Ben Bulben Walk, last May I was looking forward to going again. A lot of people were excited about sharing this too and often sent messages to me asking when I was going here ... Above is the view from the forest car park, surrounded by some lovely native woodland. Alas, only one person here to join our 'Bards In The Woods' walk, but it was very popular here, several people here to take this very scenic walk in their own way. It is 4km round trip but the walk is very easy. Some mothers come here with strollers, some small children on trikes, and well behaved dogs allowed here without leads, despite sheep being around. Before taking the trail, a little time among the flowers ... The pretty but lethal to woodland rhododendrons and bluebells still here too, quite late ... Hawthorn blossoms also late ... and bubbling stream ... Last time I was here this had a sign offering the