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Find Your Story vs Bards In The Woods  - the difference? I feel compelled to write this, this evening, on the eve of our next 'Find Your Story' session that is currently challenged, because I have not presented in an understandable way. During the past week I have had a few Bards In The Woods enthusiasts ask why we do not include Forest Bathing, Forest Mindfulness, Forest Meditation, Shinrin Yoku, Healing Forest Walk etc., as part of Bards In The Woods.  I explain that we do all of that as part of 'Find Your Story'. Also, I have had people wanting to come along to 'Find Your Story' with children and dogs, and seem puzzled when I explain that Bards In The Woods are the events with Children and Dogs I am going to rush this post out for you as it seems to be urgent at least for the puzzled people out there. I will be adding several pics and videos to this article when I can. Bards In The Woods We have been gathering since the first Sunday o