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Do The Trees Call You?

I have a Living Tree Labyrinth and many people who visit to walk this discover that their personal 'intuition' volume increases. Perhaps you discover this too in your chosen spaces? Our senses were strong and magical when we were children, and then they faded through the demands of education and career. As we mature we seem to discover these 'sacred' senses becoming stronger again, more amplified, and even become a 'Calling'. Do you agree? As I talk about this I am not thinking about about New Age style “manifestation” rituals, wonders and experiences. I personally feel most of the New Age industry is really dressed up narcissism using techniques posing as spirituality to lure others, wind them in, and extract from them. You'll know the ones, the folks who use a dynamic language of spirituality to charm their superiority over others and, of course, intimidate other people into feeling that they are lesser, incomplete, and even sinful beings.