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Hunt For The Kilronan Big Tree

Something a bit different this Sunday. At Kilronan we often head through the forest to the Court Cairn and the viewpoints of Lough Meelagh, but I wanted to return to the other end of the Lough as there is much I would still like to explore there. Its all grand native trees around much of this beautiful Lough, one of the most beautiful spots of Co. Roscommon, a very underated beautiful county. It started here ... Pessimistically, I did not expect anyone to arrive. As I drove the 30 mins drive to get here I must have passed and dodged up to 100 people walking the busy roads accompanying young children wobbling on bicycles, pushing wide strollers and with dogs winding leashes around their legs and ankles. I wondered why these people prefered the danger, noise and stress of the tarmac on this beautiful sunny warm for October day, instead of the quiet and peace of a woodland. Here I waited, nobody here, not even for themselves. I wandered towards the water and found an overgro