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Still Waters, Still Peace at Derrycarne

18th October, and it did feel good to be in the woods at Derrycarne Stillness in the woods, and stillness on the water. The forecasted afternoon sunshine was not with us, but despite overcast was very comfortable. People slowly arrived to be with us ... We started with a cup of tea and snacks by the shore ...  Other dog walkers passed by, one stayed to chat ... and she had a lurcher with a boot ... I went to the shore to see if there were colours there ... Then time for more walking ...  Into the fairy ring, though the henge is not clear in this pic ... The well was dry today, first time I had seen it dry ??? We walked back up to the estate house area.  There is now a path near the well to go there. And some of us read the information boards ... Others were power walking ... 'afternoon Goretti ... We took a peek at what remains of the house once here ...  All th