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Derreen Woods Before The Bluebells

10 people turned up, 5 women, 1 young girl and 4 men, but no dogs. Well balanced reallly. A couple of new folks, first time with us for Bards Of The Woods for Clare and Caroline and I think they enjoyed here. Good people to have around :-) Some people had dropped out due to weather fears, due to heavy morning showers, but the afternoon was lovely, mainly sunny, warmish, well over 12 C and none of the wind of previous weeks. No bluebells. Stems and buds were up and ready to open ike during my visit last Monday. I only saw 2 that had bloomed. Bluebells was not the main goal today though. Checking out the Toberderragh Well was, and to see what we could do with it. Only one person turned up with wellies, and it was not me. Even so, we removed weed and was amazed how quickly the mud we churned up quckly converted into clean new water again. I slipped on some mud to reveal a stone step. On other visits I had prodded around to see where a stone step for entry into