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Wishing you a Blessed 2015

It has been awhile since I wrote in this blog. There has been a lot of articles half written but not sent to you yet. First, here's wishing you a joyful and blessed 2015. Bards In The Woods 2015 & W.B.Yeats I aim to have the calender of Bards In The Woods meet ups this year by the end of this month, January. As this is a year of a lot of celebrating of W.B. Yeats, due to being his 150th birthday on June 13th, we will be hosting several Bards In The Woods meet-ups in the Sligo area. This starts off on March 1st at Hazelwood, which is also the first day of National Tree Week. We will have several meet-ups at Dooney Rock, The Glen, Hazelwood again, and arranging specials for Beezies Island  Maybe Church Island, but certainly Innisfree Island, which is said to be open to the public this year At one point we were invited to be part of the 'official' Yeats2015 programme, but seemed to get bumped off that so we will host our 'fringe' v