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Help Us Build A Network Of Forest Friends

As many of you know, I co-ordinate and host Bards In The Woods. Ways can you help us? Bards In The Woods is an invitation to use forests and woodlands to relax, be away from stress for awhile, have fun and enjoy a shared picnic, If there is an intent, I believe that is to encourage mindfulness and synthesis of our senses so we can experience 'presence'. Presence triggers intuition into inspiration, and we may express that through composing and expressing poetry, stories and maybe a song or two. Or at least share your favourite words written by others. The other side of this is the 'listening audience'. C'mon poets, this is your gig !!! To discuss, join and promote forest activities in Ireland and be part of a Network Of Forest Friends please click here for our Facebook Group Of course, I am not the only person  encouraging people into the forest Native Woodland Trust have been doing this for 14 year

Bealtaine Sunday Among The Bluebells

I always look forward to our Derreen Woods days around Bealtaine, my favourite time of the year, and this Sunday afternoon was better than I imagined Here I am waiting for people to arrive, itching to get into the woods, and taking this wee sample from the woodland car park. A singer songwriter came out of the Bluebells Woods with his photographer ... but not his hairdresser, so not famous quite yet. No photos but wondered if he was a Living Room Bard  .... No, wait on. P.S. The next day I heard from someone that was popular Irish Singer Songwriter John Spillane being photographed and filmed in Derreen Woods. No, that's not a pic from the Bluebell Woods but from John Spillane's album from last year. Ok, this is a closer sampling of the Bluebells ... The forecast was awful, wet, wet, wet, and we have not had a soaking Bards In The Woods on a Sunday afternoon for 14th months now except for a couple of breif drizzles that quickly turned to warm sun. Befor