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What Is Bards In The Woods Now?

Who enjoys Picnics?

Our shared Picnics has top billing in all our gatherings :-)

Local food, as much as we can, but it does not matter whether folks bring a little bit or a lot for the picnic table. We just love to tuck in and share.

Its a genuine fellowship
of mirth and ideas

Our Forest Gatherings have two flows of purpose ...

1) An opportunity for invigorating personal well being
2) A peaceful presentation to encourage Public Access Forests - to remain Public

Bards In The Woods main intent is to encourage ...

More People to visit and use More Public Access forests More Often

... or we may lose that access and its benefits.

Invigorating Personal Well Being?

'Green Prescription' is quoted a lot these days
and there is a lot to be gained from this.

This is not just about power walking, jogging and biking n the woods
but more serene activities, such as 'Forest Bathing'

You can read about Shinrin Yoku - Forest Bathing by clicking here.

Keeping Public Forest Public ... Why?