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Helping The Fae To Breath at Hill Of Tara

This special event was arranged by Carmel Diviney who called upon friends and broadcasted in the media to help clear the 'junk' from the twin 'fairy trees' quite close to the the popular Cormac's Court. Some of you may already say 'this is not the real fairy tree" and others have said that we should not mess with other people's intentions here. Its a big subject, this tradition of trees, but thinking of the several condoms and underwear bits we removed from here, if they had been hund on the fence up to the visitor's centre, different words would have been said. Anyway, I will leave that and introduce us to our afternoon here. 3:00 pm and here's Carmel waiting for the the people to arrive and so was her trusted dog, Buddy, the Crann Sióga C A few passionate, devoted and eager souls were here and part of the work to be done ... So the first few got started. Notice the dried grass knot, that's ok to stay, anyth