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Foraging Around Lough Meelagh

One of my favourite woodlands is by Lough Meelagh, near Kilronan Castle, and our destination was Window To The World Peninsula. We never seem to get many people interested in joining us here. This time it was just 3 of us, Michael, Jan and myself. This is a good foraging area though. Cloudy afternoon, but dry Past the boathouse ... Some big beeches here ... and we did forage some young plants sprouted from beech nuts fallen the year before. We had taken some of those  beech nuts home but they had not germinated for either of us. Plenty of Enchanter's Nightshade here ... Externally mixed with alcohol this can be used for infections, bites, swellings, fevers. Quite a lot of ripe wild raspberries here in the lighter parts ... Unfortunately, though incredibly pretty, lots of Loosestrife which is not healthy for water life There was a call for us to stop and picnic due to beauty ... and the sun had come out ... We went down to the shore