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Is Bards In The Woods About Lifestyle?

The more I think about what we share when we are together, and then share with our friends on the social media, I'm starting to think so. I am trying to be careful with what I say here as I have no intention of leading myself into posing as some kind of guru or leader with this. I sincerely hope this encourages debate with freedom of feeling and faith expressed by others on this subject. I think performed stories, poetry and are wonderful mediums that folks can share this through, and being in the woods of Ireland is a safe, natural, un-intimidated and even less distracted way of doing this, especially around picnic tables :-) I was moved by a video, I watched this morning, which seem to eloquently package much of my thoughts and calling. Of course I will link you to that here very shortly.  Before that, I am going to do an act of semi plagiarism of their video script and bend it to what I think we could seed through Bards In The Woods, I hope this may also inspire

Concerns for Ash Dieback

Ok, lets start of with the names and jargons applied to this disease that is killing off our Ash trees. Its latin name is Chalara fraxinea, or fungais micrea an fhuinseog in Irish, or Microascales fungi of the ash in English. It is a fungus that breaks up into very small spores that are spread airborne more than by physical contact, just like a common cold or flu, but can travel further and quicker than cold germs. The pics on this blog are courtesy of UK Forestry Commission Chalara is a fungus that incubates and breeds rapidly after the conditions of a mild winter followed by a cool damps summer, and this is what Europe has just had. The visual symptoms are rapid leaf edge burning and rapid leaf drop before leaf dropping is due, combined with fissures, splits, in the branches and even the trunks. A sticky blackish gunge at branch and bud crowns is also a sign. This fungus has only recently been understood and given a name in 2006, but is now believed to have originat