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Looking at The Second National Forest Inventory

Ireland's Second National Forest Inventory was published last month. As you can expect this free downloadable PDF format document starts off with a several pages of waffle about how it was put together before presenting an spectacular number of charts that cover all kinds of information broken down nationally and county by county. Here are some of the stats that fascinated me. 10.5% of Ireland's land mass is forest 89.5% of the land is used for other purposes Forest cover is therefore very low compared to most European countries. From that 89.5% of other land 3.9% is Hedgerows 0.7% is 'Other Woodland which I would be inclined to include as forestry as hedgerows and 'other woodland' indicated to me Native Woodland. Does this raise the real Ireland Tree Cover to 15.1%? 53.4% is Grazing land, while only 5% is Cropland It is said that with better management that the 5% cropland could feed everyone with veggies, fruit and gains. I will  always que