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We Did Arise And Go To Innisfree

Sunday, July 5th, we were to meet up in Sligo to go on a boat to the Lake Isle Of Innisfree. Friday afternoon check up of weather forecast showed a map of a horrific weather depression heading our way to land on us Sunday afternoon. photo by Bee Smith I panicked, let's get Sunday morning, as forecast was great then, but some could not join us. Ok, how about Saturday? About half the people coming along could not change to Saturday afternoon. One last tree, how about 5pm Sunday after the storm has passed? Well that idea was popular :-) Boatman agreed so it was all sorted. photo by Bee Smith Through Saturday, the forecast was exactly as forecasted with no change for Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning was bright, as forecasted and afternoon no change ... until around 10 am, all change, the storm forecasted later, so it's round up the boatman and travelers back to 3 pm. We arrived 3 pm prompt. Sile arrived at the same time, texting Jane here to make sure she is