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A Very Quiet Wandering Aengus

Today's Bards In The Woods was at the beautiful Hazelwood Forest about 4 km east of Sligo Town. It was incredibly still today with barely a ripple from the water. No swans, which is strange here, and very few ducks. Normally this place is swarming with water birds. Hawthorn blossom just coming out here, so an excuse for another view along the coastline of Lough Gill. I say "Bards In The Woods", but nobody turned up for our gathering today. Actually hardly anybody turned up to this forest at all. Just a few dog walkers. Normally it is difficult to get a parking space here. Very strange as it had become a lovely afternoon. A bit of drizzle about 3:30 pm but it was all over by 4 pm. I am sadly discovering this with Public Forests I have visited this year. Hardly anybody has been interested in spending time in them, and the weather has generally been good. Many people tell me its transport problems, but its within easy cycling distance of Sligo, car p