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Barks In The Woods at Knockranny

Knockranny, west of Keadue Village has had a few things done to it. More signs, changed signs and a bit of new landscaping. This was the second Sunday of National Tree Week. Knockranny was chosen as it is a short walk and well suited if the weather had been challenging ... but this was comfortable day. Barely ayn sun but it was dry, bright and mild 12C. Very good for this time of year. So here is the sign and here is where we started ... A singular post of various signs pointing us to different places to go, replacing a scattered selection of signs.  By this is this area cleared of grown trees, birch I think, and replaced with seven oaks, on the first day of National Tree Week, the previous Sunday. This is the sign that explains this planting ...   This is the same sign with the English zoomed in ... There is this sign dedicated the the late Rev. Father Sean Tynan who inspired a lot of the forest walk enhancements that are here today.  and