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Lots Of Bards and Picnics at Derrycarne

Derrycarne Demesne, Co. Leitrim is one of my favourite forests we go to, definitely in the top 5, but each time we go there very few people share with us. For one, this makes parking easy. Not on this Sunday, though. Lots of cars parked and our first summery Sunday day, though still cool at around 13C, especially when it clouded over from time to time. As usual here, it's off to the fairy ring, as few of us present had been there yet. I think we had 8 of us. It was almost 20 of us at one point but several dropped out within an hour or two of us being here. Well it did drizzle before we arrived. The 'hidden' fairy ring now had a path through it? Looking back you can see some of the henge ... No path to the hidden well, though, but the marker log still there ... The well seems to be more overgrown and It took me awhile to find it ... After here, nobody really wanted a woodland walk. Everyone wanted to tuck into the picnic, and why not :-) As w