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Samhain 2013 at Hazelwood

Well, last Bards In The Woods for me this year, though I intend to go on winter walks to explore woods and forests I have not been to yet, or not visited for a few years. Today, though, 27th October 2013, was at Hazelwood outside of Sligo Town. A fitting one, I feel, as this is the Samhain season and I feel hazel nuts and apples are the foods of this time A small turnout. As with most Sundays this year it was a wet morning so messages of "not coming, too wet" were sent to me and as with most Sunday afternoons this year, we had a sunny afternoon and still some remarkable warmth for late October. Just 5 of us, but we were all impressed with the number of people actually choosing to enjoy this small forest on a Sunday afternoon, the most I had seen in a forest for a long time. Bridget spends a moment being blessed inside a lightning struck oak tree. Think about this one for a moment, there's lots of mythological things connecting in this pic. Inte