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Beautiful Retreat, Milltown, Co. Leitrim

When I arrived, on this visit, nobody was here ... For a stranger to Manorhamilton this is perhaps not the easiest place to find. I was hoping people were using these woods as again my journey here was dodging lots of people with children wobbling on the road with bicycles, pushing strollers of babies in the middle of the road, and dogs on leashes wrapped around ankles. This time these folks were playing with more danger as it was raining, visibility for drivers was poor and roads quite slippery. Why these people do not use the wonderful off road tracks, especially in beautiful woodlands totally baffles me. Pearl Neptune turned up within a few minutes. I have never met her before, a very motivated enthusiastic woman who later treated us to an amazing vegan picnic spread. She brought her two delightful daughters, and I embarrassingly forget their names. Adventurous and enthusiastic as their mother, and often calling me "slowcoach" but I was in the mood to savour this