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Magical Milltown

Well here we are again in this beautiful relaxing community woodland ...  The familiar beautiful view from the car park. The river water level lower than this time last year. Just a few of us again this year, Tony, Bee, Jan and myself, and we set off over the bridge ... The river view from the bridge ... Up this path or steps to follow the River Bonet ...  The first pool, and new signs here, the 'Horse Pool' and Tony Cuckson performs here for awhile ... Further along the river ...  We come to the Salmon Hole ... Quite a large pool here Rowan berries quite abundant on the trees here. Several wonderful Rowan trees in this woodland. Another river view ... A tree stump that became our Bardic stage, but I do not have any pics of bards doing anything here . One more view before we leave, after a short picnic ...  Weather was kind to us today too. Again, a very relaxing tim