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Wells, Woods & Wonders Of Glendalough

We start to gather ... This is on Saturday, 28th June 2014, a beautiful warm, sunny summery afternoon, despite a restless weather forecast and a usual spray of messages from people not turning up due to weather concerns. Bethan unwraps her harp, after a drizzle, and the only drizzle of the afternoon, had passed. Rosaleen serves us an introduction to our afternoon, standing by Kevin's Well, the wells we are about to see, some interesting stuff about them ... ... and makes this much more entertaining with a delightful accompanied dance Then Bethan performs some delightful tunes on her harp. Each year we hear how much further she grows and develops with her wonderful instrument. Before we leave this well, some folks leave blessings and prayers on the Birch Tree here and I share Beith The Birch. (Thanks to Erika for the photo). The we head off down the Green Road west, and Marty the Cairn Terrier catches up from behind. but some folks are

Bards At Glendalough Woods & Wells

Saturday, 28th June, we enjoyed a special Bards In The Woods Meet Up at Glendalough, focused on both the Native Tree Woods there and a couple of the Holy Wells. You can now read a blog post of this afternoon by clicking here Here is a Google Map I have put together for what we do. The yellow mask faces marks the spot where the Green Labyrinth is where we are meeting. Its probably a good idea to clip the larger map option, that also shows Reefert Church location, than try to fiddle with this reduced size version View Glendalough, Co. Wicklow in a larger map Also good advice from Tara Ní Crábhagáin "Just to let people know we'll meet at the labyrinth in the first car park at 2pm. That's the free car park with the visitors centre. The labyrinth is set in the grass so look over towards the bridge and you will see us gathered there. St Kevins Well bis our first stop so if you're a bit late please follow on up. If you don't know where the Well i

Solstice at FaceFest? Yes It Was!!!

Yes, that's what this was all about?  :-) Here's a video of what happened, before I commence the blog and photos ... Arriving at the front gate, yes, this is the place :-) Ah the great Charleville Oak is here ... and some other pretty and bold oaks too. Getting closer to Charleville Castle and there is a gate with Lions. There's got to be lions! Ahhhh .., here it is, Charleville Castle, my home for the weekend :-) and here is the tower I slept in and the bed I slept in, in the tower Here is the main stage, nobody performing there yet ... Well it is a day too early for that. This is the lounge area for the disco area, or Kontact Stage as they called it. and here is an empty Kontact Stage before the DJs got here Interesting symbolism from this Cats Art here The white horses at the entrance of the Tir na Nog children's cinema area ... magnificent, aren't they :-) and this is the cinem