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Bards In The Woods & On The Beach

Be with us here, this Sunday afternoon :-)  Its looking exceptional for Bards In The Woods - and On The Beach , Today at 2 pm at Old Head, Co. Mayo, west of Westport . Sunny, dry, 18C, is still the forecast. No fee !!! Just bring something for shared picnic,  and some favourite words to share. Pics, maps, info, RSVP are all here ... How? At Old Head, Co. Mayo, close to Louisburgh and west of Westport, is a beautiful beach with an ancient Native Oak Wood that connects with the beach. Here is a view of it, in the distance, from the Old Head beach. but the beach below this is very nice, though I have no pics of that yet. There is a signed entrance on the beach and this is a photo taken inside this old wood Apparently, there are some nice easy walk paths too ... and some steps on the incline parts. Here is a map showing the old woods, but we will probably only stay in part of the top section of this. The meet up time is a bit earlier, 2: