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Get Involved With Your Forests

If you go to a forest, walk slowly, be aware of breathing and sensing, you have entered the healing path that the Japanese call Shinrin Yoku, Koreans call Sanlimyok, we call Boladh na Sióga and its all "Forest Bathing". It is the "medicine" of simply being present in a forest, taking in the forest atmosphere, where all senses are caressed by the "breath of the fae" The Japanese developed this idea during the 1980s. I first came across it then, while at college, investigating why the Japanese, the biggest chain smokers in the world, had the lowest heart and lung disease levels. Their well being stats were also rapidly getting better. No it was not the seafood they eat. I found unique links to green tea, stevia a natural plant as a nutritious sweetener, and Shinrin Yoku, the walks in the forests. Forest Healing, Forest Calming Since the 80s, Shinrin Yoku in Japan has become the cornerstone of preventive health care supported by the